TO promote motor vehicle racing in Canada;

TO recognize the achievements of people who have contributed significantly to the development of and achievements within the sport of motor vehicle racing in Canada, and;

TO establish the granting of prizes, awards and distinction for excellence in motor sport racing in Canada.

The Western Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame is now a Charitable Organization.  Our mission is to promote motorsports racing of all kinds in Canada and to recognize the achievements of people who have contributed significantly to the development of and achievements within, the sport of motored vehicle racing in western Canada.  Motorsport racing encompasses a huge span of competition.  It includes racing on ¼ mile, and 1/8 mile straight drag racing, dirt and paved Oval racing, Road Racing, Motorcycle racing on a paved or dirt track, endurance racing, Tractor pulling –   the list goes on.  Our premise is to allow anyone to submit a nomination to our Board for induction consideration, via letter or our website at WCMHF.ca.  Our Nomination and Voting Procedures ensure Induction is solely based on the individual’s merit and their contribution to the sport.  We have chosen to honor men and women from across western Canada, that being Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.  We have several different categories for nomination please visit our website for a full listing of Categories.


    Plans to accomplish each point:

Raise funds to construct a building which will benefit the whole community.  Contained within this building will be included the following:

  Hall of Fame and Museum

Objective is to operate the Museum and Hall of Fame as an educational tool for both young and old, as well as to highlight historical and important objects.  Have Schools and groups from all levels of education and the public come in for tours which facilitate education on motoring sports from the beginning in Western Canada to present day. Focusing on the practical application of mechanical and performance developments from the racetracks; to the development of our everyday cars, from mechanical advances, aerodynamics, to design and the progression and various methods used in race car creation.  Stimulate interest in the motoring sports and highlight the possible career opportunities available in its related industries.

  Classroom and Shop Space

Objective is to provide educational opportunities for both high school students, mechanics, engineering students and others who are interested.  An opportunity for learner-based and interactive/participative teaching in the mechanical and performance design and the construction of vehicles.   Opportunities to learn from some of the best in the motorsports environment via guest speakers and teachers, film, demonstration and hands on methods. This intent is to bring together a multi-generational and all-genders in a participative classroom to further community, learning and to help support career development in the Automotive, Design and Engineering industries.  

Things such as; basic mechanics; diesel mechanics and development of performance engines (ie. Top Fuel); chassis development and construction; drivetrain construction and the magic of building and matching the vehicle together with horsepower, stability, safety and performance; the history and development of metallurgy and parts, performance related developments, engineering and body design from the racetrack and how these developments pertain to the everyday car on the street today and why racing is still important to future vehicle development today. 

For example, there have been huge leaps forward and many discoveries in the development of the engineering of the electric car due to Race Teams pushing the limits of power and design, such as the work of Don Garlits’s team and others. 

Another aspect of education we want to facilitate in the Hall of Fame building are classes about, and hands on experience of the restoration of vehicles and Museum documentation processes and museum display creation.  Courses on Safety for Driving, working around cars and racing safety features and procedures, the development of these and their practical application both on and off the racetrack.

We are planning on being able to provide hands on experience with a Race Team; practical experience building motors; the process of building a chassis; setting up the safety equipment and drivetrain of a race car, the possibilities are almost endless for education and participation.  We will have race cars, motors, etc. on site for students to examine and learn from as well as other exhibits and articles.

  Community Based Hall Rental Facilities

Another of our major intentions is to have contained within the Hall of Fame building a large space available, with all amenities, for rent to the community and beyond; as well as for any Hall of Fame event.  Our plan is to build a full commercial kitchen adjacent to this space, to be available for public functions such as weddings; showcasing local artistic talent (in all areas of the arts), providing space for various arts educational and cultural gatherings, classes and meetings.  Car shows, car cruise destination, car club meetings, as well as other public events, club meetings and formal conferences.   

Another, smaller space also adjacent to the kitchen, will be for a café style gathering venue. We would like to see food services in this area, open to visitors and smaller gatherings.  This space not only provides another, more casual gathering place for the public, but could also showcase culinary classes and further educational opportunities and practical experience for the students.  

We intend the Hall to become a casual social gathering place for the community and a venue for arts and cultural pursuits and exhibits in conjunction to showcasing historical motorsports and performance exhibits as well and the educational aspect.

  Grounds and Bandstand

The grounds around the Hall of Fame will be developed for the community to gather and enjoy.  A Bandstand, with lights and electricity, will be built for local talent to further their exposure, development and classes.  Also, movies could be shown for the publics’ enjoyment during the summer or used as just a lovely place to have a picnic. Handicap-accessible picnic tables will be provided and, if possible, drinking fountains as well humans and animals.  

El fresco classes will be held there involving functioning race cars.  Car Shows will have a perfect venue to hold their events at; as well as Car Club cruises and meetings will have another gathering destination, built with them in mind.

Hosting car and motorcycle driver training classes.  Advanced driver training, collision prevention training.  Driver simulator hosting, a venue for the R.C.M.P. and Edmonton Police to conduct their training sessions and seminars. 


Also contained within the facility, will be offices for rent to help defer operating costs.  A Museum Shop selling merchandise and “memberships” for supporters of the Hall of Fame; a newsletter available to purchase, autographed items, books and memorabilia. As well as an additional area for the conservation of and processing of motorsports memorabilia and donations.

We intend to create a venue that is comfortable and accessible to all with the furthering of community education, cohesion, participation and gathering as a primary motive and to promote motorsports through education and participation.

The Hall will be used for Induction into the Hall of Fame Ceremonies and become a gathering place for racers of all ages, engineers, designers, et al, to interact with the youth and community with the aim of furthering the sport of racing and to promote the education of and opportunities within the wide world of motoring vehicles as a whole.